The Health Benefits Of Gardening

A well-tended garden is a beautiful addition to any home, and planning a little green paradise is easier than ever for the beginner gardener, thanks to the bounty of resources available. If earning praise from the neighbours isn’t incentive enough to get your hands dirty, consider all of the amazing ways that gardening can improve your health.

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Keep active – Your body is moving, lifting, stretching and bending as you work the earth and benefits include weight loss, improved cardiovascular health, increased flexibility, strength coordination and balance.

Get that vitamin D – All that time in the sunshine gets you the vitamin D we lack up here in the north. Don’t forget that sunscreen though.

Eat your veggies – Nothing tastes like a ripe tomato, fresh off the vine. Growing your own food creates a newfound appreciation for nutrition and you get to make your own decisions about pest control, seeds and soil.

Get outdoors –Gardening brings us back to nature. Feel the moist soil between your fingers. Smell the fresh air. Remember your connection to the earth.

Stress melts away – The quiet, reflective time spent in the garden creates harmony and balance in our busy lives. All of the senses are engaged, and the mind is focused on growth and nurturing.

Sharpen your mind – From planning to planting, gardening requires creativity and imagination. The gardener’s mind-body connection leads to increased mental capacity, and recent studies have even shown that gardening decreases our chances of dementia.

Improved sleep – All that fresh air and hard work will lead to the kind of sleep you used to get when you’d play outside until the street lights came on.

Create community –The gardening world is rich with opportunities to connect with like-minded green thumbs. There’s always someone to talk to at the bustling garden centre, or a neighbor whose brain you can pick about their favourite bulbs. Gardening is also a fun shared activity with loved ones or the little people in your life.

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