The Greenest Gift

The next time you need a gift for someone special, consider going green in the truest sense of the term – gift them with a plant. Here’s why these living, green gifts are sure to be a hit.

They create lasting memories. Every time your aunt makes a pot of chamomile tea with the flowers harvested from the herb garden you gifted her, she’ll think of you. Help your loved ones honor someone special by gifting them a tree to plant in their name. Plant a Bing cherry tree on your child’s fifth birthday and then take a photo of them under the blossoming tree as they graduate from high school. Give your parents some tomato plants to tend and harvest with visiting grandchildren. Plants grow with us as we move through the seasons of life.

They’re perfect for everyone. Plants are a thoughtful token both for someone you may not know well or for that person on your list who has everything. Plants make unique gifts for birthdays, special occasions, hosts or hostesses, clients or colleagues, and for saying thank you. They appeal to everyone from children to grandparents.

They’re good for your health. Tending plants is scientifically proven to promote calm and reduce stress. They help to clean and purify the air around them. Some plants are said to have healing properties. Any plant can please the eye by beautifying the home or workplace.

They’re easy to care for. There’s a plant that’s perfect for every level of experience. Some plants, like cacti, barely require any tending at all.

They’re functional. A basket or planter of culinary herbs is a perfect gift for that person who loves to cook. Fragrant lavender adds beautiful notes to any space. Colorful, flowering bulbs and plants create eye-catching vignettes to warm a new home.

They make great large batch gifts. Plants are a fun gift idea for corporate giving, special events (like showers or milestone birthdays), and even wedding favors. Ask one of our expert Mori Gardens staff for help in creating memorable takeaways like potted succulents, bagged saplings or even bulbs. You can add a personal touch with a customized note or tag.

They connect us to the earth. Caring and nurturing a plant gets our hands in the soil, and reminds us of our ties to nature and our duty to protect our planet.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular plants for gift-giving. Visit Mori Gardens and we’ll help you choose the perfect plant for the occasion.

Eastern Redbuds, Elite Rhododendrons, 4 in 1 Apple Trees, Endless Summer Hydrangeas, Carpet Roses, Cloud 9 Flowering Dogwoods,  Royal Star Magnolias, and Japanese Maples.

Other ideas include herb planters, container gardens, Mori Gardens gift certificates and/or one of our fun and comprehensive workshops for those people on your list who love to garden.

Visit the Green Gifts section of our website for more ideas and inspiration.

Give a gift that will grow for years to come! We’ll help you find that perfect memory.

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