Slender Oak: Beauty of a ‘Natural’ Privacy Screen

If you live next door to someone who practices ‘naturism’ you may be inclined to plant some trees. Misleadingly being the love of being naked (not a love of nature) this free spirited group of people live a relaxed and enjoyable life in the buff. Having a friend who is the neighbor to one of the families practicing this lifestyle, I helped her researched the perfect screen to enclose her garden and protect her eyes.

close up of tree against sky

 In the end, she ended up choosing a traditional wooden fence, but given the variety and beauty of a ‘natural’ screen, the choices are in my opinion far more beautiful.  The much overlooked Slender Oak happens to provide a striking divider to enclose your garden, and as well as being one of our ‘noteworthy trees, it is the perfect privacy screen.

Developing acorns mid-summer after pollination, and dropping them in mid-September, this multi lobed beauty feeds the birds, squirrels and even pigs if you have some. It can grow up to 50 foot plus . They are slower growers so don’t worry, you’re not going to obliterate your neighbors view straight away. But when planted in a hedge format, this stunning tree with its glossy, green, multi-lobed leaves and charming acorns is a wonderful way to create the privacy that you’re looking for in an interesting, enjoyable, textured format.


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