Observations of a Home Buyer

The spring and summer are the hottest times in real estate. I too have recently found myself in the market for a new home. While looking for my dream home, I made some observations that I thought may be of interest to those of you selling your current property, and even those of you who find yourself in the same boat as me.

white and brown concrete bungalow under clear blue sky

I don’t claim to be an expert by any stretch of the imagination, and while I do work at  Mori Gardens I still have so much to learn about trees, plants and all things garden. But, what I ‘can’ speak to, is the way that a prospective home’s garden, and curb appeal make me feel, when considering the purchase of my new home.

One of the first things that I will say, is that I’m a bit of a nut about trees; which may not apply to everyone, but my poor realtor will attest to this fact, and can tell you about the time that I almost purchased a home, but then backed out because it didn’t have enough trees. Thankfully, I must have some other redeeming qualities, as my tree obsession didn’t ruin our friendship.

London Plane trees are one of my favorite trees, followed closely by a tri colored beech, and the bigger the better. Which leads me to my first observation, and a fact verified by many a garden design expert; mature trees add value to your home, both financial and emotional. For some people, and I include myself included in this group, an old large tree on the property brings a sense of serenity and all things nature and character. Obviously, the tree needs to be in good shape, not invading your piping or cracking your foundation, and not in danger of falling onto your potential new property.

low angle photo of maple leaves

But it’s not just about the trees. A home owner who has taken the time to tidy up their garden, even just adding mulch and a couple of annuals, shows that they care about their home. This care and attention to detail, more often than not translates into a well looked after inside as well, and says a great deal about the overall condition of the house’s interior.  For those avid gardeners who are selling their home, walking into a property that has a backyard, that is truly an oasis… ,for me, takes a property that I may have overlooked, to a genuine candidate.


I looked at a couple of houses outside of my ideal location, and what initially seemed to be an exercise in futility, became an exercise in learning and objectivity. I learned that a beautiful garden can actually take a ‘nice’ home, in an ‘okay’ area, into a wonderful option and true contender.

For me, there is nothing nicer that driving up the street towards my home and seeing it appear on the horizon, looking well-manicured, full of colour and waiting for me to come home to admire it. For the prospective seller, what value does this kind of impression have on a potential buyer? Priceless, I’d say!


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