Nostalgia in our Trees

It’s time for back to school! Nostalgia runs rampant at this time of year, remembering the years of growth, struggle, challenge and reward. And while it may not spring immediately to mind, the same is true of the tree and the impact that it has on our memories, and lives both happy and sad.

Who as a child didn’t attempt to climb a huge tree, only to look down and get that feeling in your stomach that ‘maybe you’ve gone a little too far? Or smell the blossoms of a nearby fruit tree as the breeze moved it’s wondrous sent through the spring air? There is so much to be gained from trees that we simply take for granted. They are tied to our memories, to our lives and our livelihoods.

There are many who have planted trees in commemoration of a loved one, or indeed for the celebration of the birth of a child or the festivities of a wedding. Planting a tree in celebration of a wedding or the birth of a child allows individuals to watch as the tree develops and grows, much like the relationship or the child. Cherishing the changes, as it toughens, it spreads its roots and branches, reaching new heights and maturity, just like child or relationship.

Looking back to our childhoods, swinging from a rope tied over a body of water, as you tried to build up the courage to let go, or perhaps you weren’t strong enough to hang on and simply dropped to the water below. The tire swing, or the wooden board tied on either side to make a seated swing, a rope with knots in it…trees are simply built into our psyche.

It’s not only recreational memories that are created, those who work on farms toil and sweat picking fruit, manicuring trees, tending to and caring for their livelihood. They have struggled through drought, flood, pestilence and frost. They have laboured to bring the best of their trees to our homes and provided our families with sweetness and nutrition. Trees are these farmer’s everything.

Were it not for the tree we would not have the number of migrant workers who join us annually, coming to Canada to make money for their families in other Countries. They work tirelessly in partnership with our local farmers to help maintain and collect our local fruits. So to our farmers and their workers, I say ‘thank you’.

So the next time you are driving into Niagara on the Lake, or for that matter, out of it, take a look at all of the trees on your travels. What stories could they tell if they could talk? How many of them saw the War of 1812? Were they buried in the Great Blizzard of 1977? Are the trees labouring to provide us with sustenance, or do they sway majestically in the breeze providing us with much needed shade? Are they ornamental in nature, providing us with a burst of colour and interest in our beautiful landscape here in Niagara on the Lake? However the trees impact our vistas, take note of them, appreciated them and wonder at their splendor, their resilience, and marvel at the silent impact they have on our everyday lives.

Let us assist you in find the perfect tree to Celebrate, Commemorate or Remember. Book a complimentary one-on-one with our garden consultant team or ask us for a referral for assistance with caring for your growing memory tree.



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