Improve Your Home’s Return on Investment with Landscaping

You’ve decided to sell your house!

Moving up, moving away or downsizing, it doesn’t make much difference; you still have to sell your current home. Everyone knows, or at least are told by their realtor, that presenting the inside of your home in the best possible light is important… but what about the outside and your garden?


Forgetting the exterior of your home when selling your house in today’s real estate market can cost you thousands of dollars. People are not only looking for the house of their dreams to be well appointed on the inside, many are looking for a garden that speaks to them as well, with a place to entertain, relax, BBQ, have the kids play and the list goes on.

What does ‘your’ garden have to offer? Does it offer space, nice views? Is it small, large, contemporary, or traditional? There are so many different types of gardens and so many different ways to highlight your garden and what it has to offer. The point being, don’t’ overlook your outdoor space when you’re selling your property. In the end, a well presented garden allows buyers to see the potential in a space, it might just be the difference between a sale or not.

According to a 2015 Washington Post article, written by Jill Chodorov Kaminsky, simple things such as edging, weeding, planting inexpensive annuals and general lawn maintenance can go a long way to influencing a buyer’s desire to purchase your home.

“Curb appeal” as realtors, and home design expert call it, is priceless. It’s that intangible ‘something’ that draws you towards certain properties, making you feel connected to them before you’ve even stepped inside.

Many people selling their homes may see putting money into a garden that they’re not going to enjoy, a waste. But is it? With many experts suggesting that

your return on landscaping potentially being as high as 150 percent and up,

it almost seems silly not to.


Patios, decks, outdoor kitchens, even small water features are always a safe bet, this doesn’t include pools and hot tubs which tend to be more of a deterrent than asset when trying to sell your house. Things light lighting, sheds and stone work are all things that can increase the value of your property if done well, and will catch the eye of potential buyers, making them see the potential in your home, and wanting it to be ‘their’ new family home.

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