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As a wedding officiant in the Niagara Region, I’ve seen all kinds of weddings. From the quirky (Hobbits in the garden) to the traditional (under the shade of the trees at Kurtz Orchard), each wedding that I’m part of is a unique reflection of the couple themseMiguel and Raine 2017 © Alex Heidbuechel - Flashbox Photography--12lves. Large scale or intimate, each celebration features little nods to the personalities of the people I marry, and touches that display their tastes. It’s always a treat to see what each wedding will reveal about the people who are joining together.

Some of the most beautiful weddings I’ve attended incorporate nature.

Of particular note were two weddings, both held on the property of family members. One was a truly boho chic affair with hand made jelly jar lanterns, and macramé dream-catcher inspired decorations, a teepee bar and canoe loaded with cold drinks, hay bales for seats at the ceremony and the signing held in the couple’s refurbished Volkswagen bus.
The other was held on a family vineyard, in the forest on the property. The couple had painstakingly worked to clear a winding trail that led into the heart of the ravine on the escarpment, where they’d created seating-in-the-round for guests to view the ceremony from all sides. Along the path, they’d placed a photo booth, an altar with photos of their dearly departed, and a string quartet.
Guests had to go on a little journey to find the tree-stump benches and the circle that had been cleared for a hand-fasting ritual. The reception that followed was held at Mori Gardens, which had been transformed into an elegant venue with lovely touches of décor at every turn.
These two weddings were warm and beautiful because they had such a personal feel. Each couple used the natural environment to set the stage for the big event. They incorporated the wild elegance of nature, and they did something I hadn’t yet seen at a wedding – they added rented plants to create vignettes of decor that made for interesting accents or perfect photo backdrops.
 Miguel and Raine 2017 © Alex Heidbuechel - Flashbox Photography-439
In another life, I was an event coordinator, and I’d used rented plants plenty of times to round out a decorating budget with some living loveliness. It hadn’t even occurred to me to try this at a wedding. My boho couple created a living archway in front of which I pronounced them husband and wife. They also used batches of ferns to create clusters of greenery around the perimeter of the garden. Everything was rented, the cost was budget-friendly and the garden centre worked with them to maximize impact and install the plant décor.
Miguel and Raine 2017 © Alex Heidbuechel - Flashbox Photography-217
The forest wedding featured containers of flowers for splashes of colour amidst all of the greenery, and striking accents around the bar. Of course, having an event, photoshoot or reception at the garden centre proper allows for wild creativity.
Plant rentals are a high-impact, affordable wedding décor idea. Trees, flowering or ornamental shrubs, container arrangements, there are so many varieties of plants available.
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