Designing a Champagne Garden on a Beer Budget

Let’s face it, we’ve all seen a garden that we truly admired, knowing that we could never achieve or afford it. Whether it was the botanical gardens that you visited when you were away on holiday or your neighbor’s spectacular garden that riddles you with jealousy every time you walk past it; Garden envy is real, and cost can be a big factor for many homeowners.

If you lack the budget, creativity and technical know-how to design your own space, having a garden design done ‘will’ save you money. It will prevent you from buying plants and not knowing where to put them, as well as putting them in the wrong spot and having to dig them up, or worse watching them die.

The trick is, once you’ve had your design done, plant it as you can afford to. And don’t think that just because you get a design created that you ‘have’ to buy all of the plants and implement the design straight away. A few plants at a time is ok…as long as you have a plan.

A designer will take into consideration the type of garden you’d like, the space that you have to use, the maintenance level of your garden and much, much more.

It’s almost like paint by numbers…but for plant lovers.

Your design can incorporate everything that you want in your garden like hard-scape items such as decks and seating areas, water features, statuary and more; but it can be implemented over several years. That’s the beauty of having a design done by a garden designer; they know how large the plants will be at maturity, and incorporate that into their design. So, a design created five years ago, will still be good now, because the plants regardless of when you plant them, will be in the correct spot, as per the scale and design on your plan.

MORI GARDENS spring collection by © Alex Heidbuechel - Flashbox-8154

Plant your focal points and favourites first, it will allow you to feel good about your garden, even though you know there’s more the come. The great part is, it will only get better and better. You’ll know that with every plant you add, you’re getting closer and closer to the final product.

Talk to your local garden designer and have them recommend the plants that should go in first if you’re not sure, or don’t have a favourite. In no time you’ll be enjoying your champagne garden, knowing that you used your beer budget to achieve it. The cost of the design will, and I speak from experience here, be less than the time, the continually moved and dead plants you will have wasted from trying to do it yourself.

As with any project that takes time, patience is key. Just know that your wait will be worth it, and will manifest itself in the form of a beautiful garden that can provide you with hours of enjoyment; without having you break the bank! Your dream garden is just a plan away! Cheers!

To Book your Mori Gardens Design Consultation, or to meet with our friendly Garden Consultants , use the following link, and choose a time that works best for you. Not in the area? We can create remote designs internationally. 

Have a Question? Ask away! We’re here to assist in your garden experience from dream to enjoyment.


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